Cancer dates, traits and meanings


Date range: June 21 – July 22
General characteristic: Negative woman
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal (activity)
Colors: Blue, silver
Gems: Moonstone pearl
Metals: Silver
Best day: Monday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Capricorn
Ruling Planet: Moon


The strengths of Cancer

Cancers are emotional, protective and really honest when it comes to relations. They are ambassadors of love, trust and commitment. Cancers are creative and day dreamers. They have their own imaginary world that’s gives them inspiration for being creative.
They are family oriented, loving and caring. They are kind hearted and cannot see anyone in pain. They are always ready to help people who are in need to get them out of their misery. They love their family and friends dearly and can go to extremes to protect them.
Cancers have a very practical approach towards life. They evaluate every situation which caution and then take their step. Their cautious nature helps them excel in their career and life.

Weakness of this sign

Cancers are obstinate and do not adapt to different situations easily. They prefer to let things go as it is and are not open to change. They are highly emotional and moody people, even the slightest issue can trigger their bad mood and you can end up arguing with them.
They have poor decision making skills and get confused easily. They do not forget things and never let go which can create problem for people around them. They are often insecure and due to their over-thinking nature they tend to ignore the positive aspects of life. Cancer people are pessimist and see the worst in every situation. There mood swings can also be difficult to handle at times.

Cancer and relationships

Cancers are faithful lovers who demand nothing in return for their love except respect. They are protective and honest lovers. Cancers are emotional, sensitive and intuitive so they can easily guess if there is something wrong with their partner.
They will go to unimaginable limits to keep their partner happy and protect them. Cancers are romantic and passionate lovers. They love intimacy and will keep their lover happy. Sometimes they can become insecure and demand reassurance from their partners in term of love and protection. Such people usually pour out their heart in front of their loved ones and want them to soothe them. They try their best to keep their partners happy and rekindle their love over time with romantic gestures.

Best career option for Cancer

Cancerians have the ability to manage finances and business well so the best career options for them can be dealers, realtors, nutritionist, baker, merchant, agency owner etc. Any job or business that will help them earn money and make them rich is suitable for cancerians.

Positive and negative traits of Cancer

On the positive side the people who have Cancer as their zodiac sign have great imagination which makes them creative and artistic. They are spontaneous when taking decision and rely on their intuition most of the time which can have its setbacks as well.
They are amazing lovers and are family oriented who will do anything to protect their loved ones. They are brutally honest and straight forward. Love and care are two important aspects of their personality as well.
Cancerians are emotional fools with severe mood swings. If they are happy in one moment, the very next second they can be angry. Their mood is highly unpredictable. They find it hard to move on and cling to things for a very long time and end up hurting them. They are pessimist and find negativity in every aspect of their life which decreases their morale to excel and move forward in life.
They have insecurities and try to find solace from other people. Cancerians are suspicious and emotionally weak people, even a smallest thing can break them down.


No matter how hard and strong them appear from the outside, Cancerians are emotionally unstable and insecure who need people to love them. They seek protection, love and respect from others who can support them emotionally and cope up with their mood swings. Over all cancerians are good friends and great lovers.