Aries dates, traits and meanings


Date range: March 21 – April 19
General characteristic: Positive male
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal (activity)
Colors: Green, lime
Gems: Amethyst
Metals: Iron, steel
Best day: Tuesday
Best for marriage and or partnerships: Libra
Ruling Planet: Mars


The strengths of Aries

Associated with strength, people born as Arians have great leadership qualities. There approach to every situation is radical and logical; they are team players and prove to be great leaders. They think from their hearts, do not hesitate in taking initiatives and lead a team.
They are confident and cannot sit in one place. Aries are energetic, courageous and love exploring new opportunities. They love taking up challenges and cannot rest until they finish their task. They will never say “no” to anything and love solving challenging tasks.
They are best known for their loyalty, courage and spontaneity. They never think twice before taking a decision and put in all of their efforts to make it right.

Weakness of this sign

On the hand people born as Aries are short tempered, blame it all on the Mars. They get easily annoyed and anything can ignite the fire within them. They don’t like people arguing or disagreeing with their point of views and will never say sorry. They are too egoistic and will never kneel down in front of anyone. Arians are self-fish and self-centered; they will go to any limits to fulfill their desires even if it means hurting their loved ones.
They are straight forward because of which they may end up hurting someone’s feelings. Because of their impatient nature they want everything done according to their will and quickly. If anyone goes against them, they do not hesitate in hurting them.

Aries in relationships

Because of their impatient nature, Aries lovers get jealous easily. They might dominate their partners but are true and loyal lovers. They don’t back away from a relationship and actually are initiators. They are obsessive and energetic when it comes to showing their love. They might be angry at one time but will love you deeply in the other minute.
They are unpredictable and strong lovers who like to take charge of the relationship they are in. Arians want to be respected and loved. They love physical romance and always try their best to use tricks to keep their love life interesting.

Best careers for Aries people

Any career that pumps the adrenaline in their bodies will suit an Arian best. Like surgeons, entrepreneur, adventurer, producer, army officer, racer and stockbroker. They just love to take up careers where they can face challenges everyday and test their boundaries.

Positive and negative traits of Aries

On the positive side they are daring, spontaneous, active and courageous. Do not get scared of life’s challenges and face difficulties with confidence. They are quick in taking decision which can sometimes rebound but usually go in their favor. If they do not find new opportunities then they create them because Aries always like to try new things. The best entrepreneurs are in fact Aries.
They are loyal and great partners. They are obsessive and cannot share their partners with anyone. They are romantic and never fail to express their love.
As far as the negative traits go, people who are affected by Mars are stubborn, impatient, egoistic and short tempered. You don’t really want to mess with Aries because even the smallest thing can make them lose their temper. They have strong views and staunch believers so arguing with them is totally useless, you will just end up annoying them.
They can sometimes be insensitive and fail to acknowledge other’s feelings. They are not very organized and always ready to confront people who disagree with them. They might not present strong arguments but with their short temper, they convince others to agree with their points.


Aries are known for their anger and impatient nature. If they want something to be done now, they actually mean and failing to do so can make them really angry. You don’t really want to confront them when they are angry.