Aquarius dates, traits and meanings


Date range: January 20 – February 18
General characteristic: Positive male
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed (stability)
Colors: Blue, navy, gray
Gems: Opal, sapphire, obsidian
Metals: Plumbum
Best day: Saturday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Leo
Ruling Planet: Uranus


The strengths of Aquarius

People born in late January and early February are progressive, original, independent and logical. They approach every situation with logical and try to find a best possible solution so that they can move on. They are honest in their dealings, do not posses dual personality and like doing everything on their own.
Aquarians are very intelligent and toppers of their class. They have a very straightforward approach to everything and love solving equations. They put in their 100% efforts to excel every task that is given to them but in a race to win, they always stop to help others in problem.
They are kind hearted and strong lovers. If they fall in love with someone, trust their words because they are the best companions and lovers amongst all the zodiac signs.

Weaknesses of this sign

Aquarians avoid emotionally situations because they like breaking down in front of other people. They are soft from insight that’s why they prefer shedding tears alone because they like people to see their stronger outlook. People born under the influence of Uranus are unpredictable. If they are all lovey dovey at one moment, they might throw something at you in the very next second in anger. Their mood changes are drastic and you can see a lot of colors of Aquarians in just one day. You may never know how will they react in a certain situation, it can be totally opposite of you would expect.
They might be great lovers but do not expect them to express their love openly because they are neither romantic nor emotional. If you think they will give up their weapons in front of you then you are mistaken. Aquarians are uncompromising and want their partner to do everything they say without disagreeing. And by ignoring their words you don’t want to reveal their darker side.
Also do not try to argue with them because they hold strong views and are stubborn in their beliefs. They will not budge from their point and finally you will end up upsetting them.

Aquarians in relationships

Aquarians are slow when it comes to relationships. They are slow to commit as they want to get a reassurance of an honest partner because they cannot stand heart breaks. Once in a relationship, Aquarians prove to be great lovers. They love with all their heart and go to extremes for their partner.
They might not be romantic or good at expressing their love but they are honest and committed people. Once to commit to stay with you, they will stand by your side forever. They come up with spontaneous plans and want their partners to be equally excited about them so if you are in a relationship with an Aquarian, get ready to be shocked everyday with something new. Aquarians are actually good at given surprises.
The people who come under this sign treat their partners like friends. They encourage an open relationship where their partners can discuss everything and anything openly. Respect in a relationship is what is most important for them. They will happy agree to your point only if you do not push it too much.

Best careers for Aquarius people

Because Aquarians are intelligent and good at solving problems, careers like scientist, social worker, activist and engineer are best for them. All these jobs require using brain and a lot of hard work which Aquarians love to do.

Positive and negative traits of Aquarius

Aquarians are known to lighten up the mood and environment with their friendly and funny nature. Such people are affectionate, truthful, straightforward and loyal people who are honest with their partners.
On the other hand they can be very unpredictable when it comes to their mood. They get easily annoyed and irritated, hide their emotions and try their best to run away from emotional situations. So don’t expect them to cry with you in your pain.


Aquarians can fun to hang out with and can be great friends. If you fall far an Aquarian, never let them go because no other zodiac sign can be as honest as an Aqurian in a relationship.